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We seem to be doing something right, we've been doing this for the past 18 years and have gained a mighty reputation. Over the last 5 years we've managed to merge the resources of 3 leading companies within this tiny industry and become one strong resource. With providing the best second user equipment direct from the manufacturers, to unbeatable service, support and supplies we are ensuring our customers come back again and again.


We will quite happily buy your UV printer once we've sent one of our own factory trained engineers to assess it. Because these machines are so complicated we often need to get into the back end of the programming using a special factory service key to check the service logs and history.

We need to know it's full history before committing and reselling to another client. By doing this we're ensuring only the best equipment is sold and keeps our customers happy.

This was always going to be a huge part of the business. Service and support needs to be absolutely perfect and a good experience for customers because of the huge investment that's made on UV printers.

The Ultimatum Group provide the very best in technical support and fast response times which has proved to be a key selling point when buying a machine of this size. 

The Ultimatum Group offer a free technical hotline regardless of the issue well after your warranty expires, all you need to do is keep buying their supplies and they'll look after you.


The problem with buying equipment like this is trying to make sure you're buying the correct supplies and ink for the most affordable price. We've done all that work for you, we can offer full supplies for a fraction of the OEM cost without compromising your machines ability. After all, why would we sell you inferior supplies that's going to cause a problem for ourselves? we won't!

With a direct link and next day delivery will do the rest for you. And for a bit of a perk, order on a Thursday and get Cadburys Crunchies delivered on a Friday with any order.

Looking for a little more security? We're pleased to offer service contracts to extend your warranty which will cover literally everything on your machine.

Easy monthly instalments will ensure your machine is running to it's optimum with the smallest amount of downtime thanks to our nationwide engineer coverage. We don't use agencies or contractors, all engineers work for us!

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