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Inkology is our Ink supply company which currently has just over 140 Oce Arizona & Fuji Acuity users in the UK alone. Some customers report they are saving upto £115 per 2 Litre bag from the OEM price and prefer the enhanced adhesion we offer.

Similar boxes and packaging making it easy to do a transition with no need to flush, profile or change all the inks at once, just change one colour at a time as your OEM runs out.

Worried about bad 3rd party ink

Those days of poor quality 3rd party inks are mostly gone but unfortunately still seem to be in circulation but those who know the industry stay well away from those brands. Inkology has been carefully formulated and well proven so we're happy to report we haven't had a single ink related machine failure in over 6 years.
Still not convinced? we can give you a huge list of new and old customers that are more than happy they made the switch and saving a small fortune with us, just ask us.

We don't just sell ink

Because we only deal in Oce Arizona and Fuji Acuity it makes it easy for us to hold stock of most items you should need, ink customers benefit from low pricing on Head cleaning solutions, adhesion promoters and even UV lamp units at nearly half the price of OEM. There's also help documents and videos to help maintain your machine.

Because our ink is manufactured on a monthly basis this means that our stock has a long shelf life, there's also no need to stock large quantities of ink as we ship on a next day service. click here for a direct link to our sister site.

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